Youth Festival day - Festival square

Youth Festival dayFestival square

Performance type: 
​5 h

​The youngest festival stars take the stage.

Talented students from the Norwegian Cultural Schools Council in Vestland, take the stage at Festallmenningen with diverse artistic performances. The stage is filled with charming and passionate musicians and performing artists who have dedicated themselves and practiced for several months leading up to the traditional festival day.

Every hour on the hour – from 10:00 to 15:00 – there are varied performances in both style and genre. Previous editions of the Youth Festival Day have showcased everything from rock bands to classical gems, ballet, jazz dance, hip-hop, theater, and much, much more.

Recommended age



  • Myra Regina Tucker host

In collaboration with

Norwegian Cultural School Council VestlandBergen Cultural School and Bergen Dansesenter

Made possible by

​Grieg Foundation

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