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24 May - 7 June 2023

New and sustainable design for the Bergen International Festival

A playful visual identity makes room for reuse and renewal.

In collaboration with TRY, the Bergen International Festival has further developed its visual identity. The identity has been launched at, and in the coming months, many colourful examples of the new design will be present online, in the media and in the cityscape.  

The design builds upon the award-winning visual identity created by Anti in 2013, which was further developed into an anniversary profile by TRY for the Festival’s 70th anniversary in 2022.  

‘We wanted an evolution, not a revolution. As an Eco-Lighthouse certified organisation, one premise was to be able to reuse existing materials, while simplifying and renewing ourselves at the same time,’ says Festival director Lars Petter Hagen.  

Among the new elements are a colour palette with a higher intensity, a separate title font and adjusted visual building blocks. In addition, a new colour is added for every new edition of the Festival. This year’s colour is bright yellow and will be visible throughout the materials for the 2023 Festival.  

‘The Bergen International Festival is a Bergen institution and the work with developing the visual profile did bear with it a sense of awe in our designers and advisors. But building a brand is also about adapting and optimising to reach the target groups in the best way possible. We believe that our adjustments have contributed to doing just that,’ says Synnøve Vindheim Svardal, manager of TRY Bergen. 

The Festival’s home page,, is the first to be revamped with the new design profile. We would love to hear from you and will be happy for any kind of feedback – send us an e-mail here.


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