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May 04, 2010

Bergen is known for being the black metal capital of Norway. It might be due to the heavy rain, but Kristian Espedal (Gaahl), whom is currently rehearsing for the first black metal musical, explains:

- The black metal scene of Bergen is very good. In comparison to Oslo, it’s much stronger musically.

After several church burnings in the nineties, Bergen mapped itself on the metal arena. It has later been known as the “black metal capital of Norway”. When it comes to Bergen versus other cities, he tells. - Bergen has been important when it comes to black metal music, many of the black metal bands started in Bergen, so the city really got the music going.

IndividualistsToday the black metal scene in Bergen has settled. – It doesn’t have the backbone that it used to, says Espedal. The people have changed and there are a lot of different people listening to black metal. Even though most people listening to black metal might look the same, it consists of individualists; it’s pretty chaotic actually.

MysteriousWhen talking about the dark elements of black metal, and how people take a stand from the black metal scene, he says. - People will always fear of dark elements and think of it as mysterious. When we grow up we are told that dark elements are bad, but as I see it you must focus on the human as a whole. If you only focus on the good and positive things you might get sick.

Black metal countryThough the first black metal bands started up in Bergen, Espedal explains that there are a lot of people from the countryside of Bergen.- A lot of people outside of Bergen are both fans and members of black metal bands, and might be even more engaged in the black metal culture than people from the Bergen area. - The whole west coast is playing a part in the metal arena, but Bergen gathers them in a way, he says at the end.

Svartediket, which is the first black metal musical, premieres at The National Scene in Bergen on may 26th. 

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