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May 30, 2017

As arts organisations around the world lose their sense of automatic legitimacy and are waking up to a reality where they have to build and reach new audiences, how can festivals react?

The event was live streamed Tuesday 30 May 2017. 

Should they be leading in the efforts to bring new and larger audiences to the arts, or should they close themselves in as bastions of the highest possible quality and tradition, when everybody else might be unable to retain such ambitions? Is there even a contradiction or does the broader appeal and the quality go hand in hand? And can festivals allow themselves to take risks and try out new avenues, or must they ensure to deliver successes in order to justify their existence? In an age, where everyone craves success, can festivals be special reservoirs for experiment, innovation and thinking - or is the risk of failures from constant experimentation too high?Bergen International Festival Director Anders Beyer has invited leading figures from the international festival scene to share experiences and learn about their approaches, challenges and thoughts on what defines the Festivals of the Future. Join in the discussion in this vibrant session led by one of Scandinavia’s most internationally travelled stage directors, Kasper Holten, and take the opportunity to influence the thinking and inspire new ideas as some of the world’s leading festivals debate their role in the world of tomorrow.In the panel:

  • Fergus Linehan – Director, Edinburgh International Festival

  • Kathrin Deventer - Secretary General, European Association of Festivals

  • Jorn Weisbrodt – Former Artistic Director of the Luminato Festival (Toronto)

  • Topi Lehtipuu – Director, Helsinki Festival

  • Anders Beyer – Bergen International Festival Director

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