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Why would anyone want to sail in a bathtub all the way to Australia, and why is all the good stuff placed on the top shelf so you can’t reach it?

Hei Kalas! is a trio who contemplates the big and small things that we all think about and experience in everyday life. Through their lyrics, the group looks at the completely ordinary in a way that both children and adults recognize. The songs may be aimed at children, but Hei Kalas! believe that children and adults are concerned with the same matters, only on a slightly different scale. Through beautiful and strange little stories, the group conveys what engages them the most; the amazement over the fact that everything is as it is.In Hei Kalas! we find three experienced performers: Annikken Theodorsen, Roy Ole Førland and Heidi Marie Vestrheim. Furthermore, the trio have expanded the lineup by three extra musicians at this year’s Bergen International Festival.

hei kalas! were kind enough to create a special playlist for The Bergen International Festival. It contains their suggestions for favourable listening during a long car ride, to be enoyed by both children and parents.Check out the playlist HERE

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