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April 12, 2013

Mad Blood (Ondt blod) depicts a spot-on picture of culture clash in a humoristic way, while underlining the challenges that emanate from the highly diverse and cosmopolitan society of today.

The drama that has exceedingly engaged the audience previously (clearly visible in the high feedback it has received in Germany and Denmark) tastes the boundaries of the limits of tolerance in a form of a classroom setting, whereby the classroom is at a boiling point. Students are on a collision course with a teacher who tries to teach them about Western culture.

Adding a twisted turn to the story, a full loaded gun that drops out of a school bag from a student evolves into a hostage drama and the ironic attempt of a teacher who seizes the opportunity to teach students a deadly lesson about European values.

According to Henrik Hartmann, manager of the Betty Nansen Teatret together with director Peter Langdal, the young performers in the drama have been engaged in training with the Betty Nansen Teatret, with some of them aspiring to become full-fledged actors in their future carriers.

Mad Blood is a unique step on the way to an intercultural customariness in the theatre. The traditionally elitist medium of theatre, which is just beginning to take a broader interest in artists with immigrant backgrounds, considerably lags behind film, pop culture and the visual arts.”

A production of C:NTACT in collaboration with the Betty Nansen Teatret of Denmark, Mad Blood will bring humor to the Bergen International Festival with it is raucous jokes, while engaging the audience with its surprising twists and turns, forcing the spectators’ point of view and sympathies to vary from moment to moment.

“Here, theatre is conceived of as a topical, political art form, a series of attempts to break free that make the audience laugh, but also addressing the importance of successful immigrant integration to society as a whole,” affirms Hartmann.  

Mad Blood has been described by many media outlets as fun, exciting, and not least as a source of discussion. The drama has been invited to both the Berlin Theatre Meeting and the Mülheim Theatre Festival, which specializes in contemporary drama.

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