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Support us by making a donation today.

Art and cultural experiences move us. They inspire personal and collective growth. The purpose of the festival is to create annual artistic events of high national and international level. To achieve this, we need the support of many different contributors. You as a private person may also help create the annual, positive and festive atmosphere in Bergen – for everyone who lives here and everyone who visits.

All monetary gifts to the Bergen International Festival will be used for artistic projects.

Does your company want to support the festival with a donation? Please contact us for more information.

Make a donation now

You choose the amount, we accept all contributions with thanks.

Everyone who makes a monetary donation to the Bergen International Festival will be thanked on our website where a complete overview will be available and updated on a regular basis. This is voluntary, of course, so please advice us if you would like to abstain from this.

You can support the Bergen International Festival in the following ways:

  • Vipps to 11159 (app only available for those with a Norwegian bank account)

  • Bank transfer: IBAN: NO46 1503 74 33621. BIC/Swift: DNBANOKK.

  • Via our ticket system

Bergen International Festival is at present not a pre-approved organization when it comes to a deduction from your taxable income, but we are in process with the Norwegian Tax Administration to find out whether monetary gifts to us qualify for tax deductions.

For gifts from NOK 150,000 and up, you can become one of our Festival Consuls or Ambassadors. Please contact us for more information.

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