At Lise Christensen's Home, There Is A 24-Hour Reception Where People Can Deliver Their Lampshades. Photo: Vill.

Needs more lampshades

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May 05, 2021

Lise Christensen has already collected 100 lampshades for Grieghallen, but she wants 100 more.

Bergen International Festival is only a few weeks away, and Lise Christensen is about to make Spissen in Grieghallen ready for the festival. The scenographer got the job of redesigning the well-known pointed foyer, and part of the plan is to cover the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with old lampshades. She needs 200 of them.

But it isn't easy to collect that many lampshades. Therefore, Christensen asked the people of Bergen for help. In the newspaper Bergens Tidende, she urged people to donate their old lampshades.  

– We have received so many nice and charming lampshades from different decades. People think it is very fun to be a part of this, says Christensen.

Stopped on the street with lampshades in her hand

There is no doubt that people has noticed her request. Christensen says that she has been stopped on the street while walking through the city with lampshades in her hand.

– They know that I need lampshades, and they know where I am heading, she says.

Despite people's will to donate, the collection is not yet complete. According to Christensen, about 100 lampshades are already collected. This is half of what is needed, and there is still room for more.

– We are very happy about the lampshades we have received, and we want even more.

She even made her own donation stand for lampshades at her home, open 24 hours a day. That way people can put their lampshade in a basket outside the house, in Fantoftåsen 4. Lampshades can also be delivered at Villhuset in Nikolaikirkeallmenningen 2b during the daytime.

Christensen also thinks it is nice to learn about the history of the donated lampshades, and many people gladly talk about where it comes from and where it has been used. The scenographer thought it was particullary unique when she received a lampshade with a flower design, and just a few days later another person donated an identical lampshade, only with different colors. 

– To sibling lampshades, that was fun. Of course they will hang together in Grieghallen, Christensen says.

She hopes the people of Bergen want to particpate in the last stretch of the lampshade collection, so that she will receive the 200 she needs. What she is looking for are lampshades made of fabric in all shapes and colors, small or large, from different decades, that are suited to hang down from the roof.

Image: This woman is among those who have donated lampshades. Just a few days later another person donated an identical lampshade as the one to the right, only in different colors. Photo: Vill.

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