The People's Chairs In Action. Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Free: The people’s chairs!

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June 04, 2022

Pink, yellow and blue kitchen chairs have adorned The Festival Square for over a week. Soon, the people’s chairs will be given new homes.

Altogether 100 kitchen chairs have been gathered from homes in Western Norway, and each and every one has its own story to tell. Before they were placed on The Festival Square, the chairs were given a new stroke of paint by the musicians in Manger musikklag.The people’s chairs invite you to take a seat, either where you find them or wherever you feel like moving them to in the square. Relax together with a friend – or with a complete stranger. When the activities on The Festival Square are over for this year, the chairs are returned to the people.Would you like your own colourful Festival chair? Feel free to pick one or several up at Torgallmenningen Tuesday 07 June before 18.00, free of charge.

Only the painted chairs are included in this offer, and we ask that each person picks up a maximum of four chairs.

The chairs will be picked up after the first come, first served principle. It won’t be possible to have chairs set aside in advance, and they cannot be picked up before 07 June.

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