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May 26, 2023

Zero to infinity and the outdoor excerpt from Humans 2.0 is cancelled on Saturday 27 May, and JUNG dance and Bergen Student Radio change move indoors due to the weather.

With a forecast of strong winds and heavy rain, the Festival has decided to change the programme of the Festival Square.  

JUNG dance moves to Kulturhuset i Bergen, and the start of the event is postponed 30 minutes. Entry is still free and without age limitations. The event starts at 12:30. 

The planned outdoor excerpt from Humans 2.0 is unfortunately cancelled due to the challenging weather conditions. The performances in Grieghallen 28 and 29 May will go as planned.  

The playground The strange travel of Mr. Tonet will be open when possible, and the free concert Elia Lombardini at the Festival Square Festallmenningen will also go as announced.  

Bergen Student Radio's planned broadcast Saturday from Musikkpaviljongen is moved indoors to their studio. Listen here.

The evening event Zero to infinity in the park is unfortunately also cancelled.

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