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​Between classical traditions and new music.

The master classes in the mentoring program Classical link lead up to this concert in the University aula. Here, music by young composers is performed by young artists who are all handpicked for the program.

The repertoire consists of three world premieres, and musical works that span from the 19th century to the present. The latter are written by the American contemporary composer Andrew Norman, the Australian composer, pianist and poet Miriam Hyde, the Russian romantic Anton Arenskij and the British composer and suffragist Ethel Smyth.

On stage, cellist Amalie Stalheim, who initiated the mentoring program Classical link and is a mentor to the artists, brings this year's three selected musicians: violinist Martha-Pil Neumer, violist Inger Margrethe Furre Thommesen and cellist Sophie Kauer. The composers are mentored by the Norwegian composer Therese Ulvo.

Image: Amalie Stalheim at the 2023 Bergen International Festival (photo: Johanne Karlsrud)

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Amalie Stalheim also features in the concert Premiere Wednesday 29 May.


  • Amalie Stalheim cello

  • Martha-Pil Neumer violin

  • Inger Margrethe Furre Thommesen viola

  • Sophie Kauer cello


  • Andrew Norman (1979–)
    The Companion Guide to Rome
    2. Benedetto

  • Peregrin C. Schuff (2005–)

    Meg, deg og vinteren
    World premiere

  • Ethel Smyth (1858–1944)

    String Trio in D major, op. 6

    3. Adagio (non troppo)

    4. Allegro molto

  • Emma Martine Lam Olsen (2006–)
    The Hunt
    World premiere

  • Miriam Hyde (1913–2005)

    String Trio

    4. Vivace

  • Polina Pohozha (1997–)
    Sunny bunnies
    World premiere

  • Anton Arensky (1861–1905)

    String Quartet no. 2 in A minor, op. 35

    Version for violin, viola and two cellos

    2. Variations on a theme by Pjotr Tchaikovsky. Moderato

    3. Finale. Andante sostenuto

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